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Not to be confused with the PuTTY Download Page!

Mr. Hinky Dink's PoTTY implements Bruce Leidl's obfuscated-openssh patch for the most popular Windows SSH client, Simon Tatham's PuTTY. PoTTY obfuscates the initial key exchange handshake to prevent detection by deep-packet inspection firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS). For a desrciption of the obfuscation process, read this. To leverage obfuscation, PoTTY requires, but does not supply, an obfuscated-openssh server to connect to. PoTTY also supports non-obfuscated OpenSSH servers. To enable obfuscation see this screenshot.

Here are the PoTTY files themselves:

LEGAL WARNING: Use of PoTTY, oSCP, oSFTP, and PLoNK is illegal in countries where encryption is outlawed. You may findthis site helpful. It's a survey of cryptography laws in many countries, but whether it's correct, current, or useful is anybody's guess.


For Windows on Intel x86
PoTTY: potty.exe MD5SUM: 8907d5acb28280fa527668aedb815b52
oSCP: oscp.exe MD5SUM: 913a727c45cad073c35a0b40c9285226
oSFTP: osftp.exe MD5SUM: 1094d5744a4216d97726b967797610f1
PLoNK: plonk.exe MD5SUM: 24727f2c8d7f1a6cd0d033a012226f15

A .ZIP file containing all the binaries.
Zip file: MD5SUM: 8d2e5c256f05e8b1c84c4fc3c53b0cc9

The source code. None of this source code is the original work of Mr. Hinky Dink. PoTTY was hacked together from the original PuTTY source (Release 0.60) and Bruce Leidl's obfuscated-openssh patch for OpenSSH v5.2 (among others). PoTTY was compiled using Microsoft's Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition (VCE 2008). If you want to use other compilers or other platforms, you're on your own, but PuTTY is so well written that it shouldn't be difficult to port PoTTY to another platform or back-hack it to VC 6.0. You will require the OpenSSL libraries for Windows in some form or other. The project files specify static linking, so if you want to use the OpenSSL Windows DLLs, you'll need to change that. The binaries are linked against OpenSSL v1.0.0, also built with VCE 2008. Other versions of OpenSSL should work fine.

Mr. Hinky Dink has no plans to support, update, or maintain this code. If you'd like to take over the PoTTY project (what there is of it), go for it, but I'd like a mention somewhere in your distribution. A link would be nice, too!

Please do not annoy Simon Tatham or his PuTTY team with questions about this program or source code! If you would like to request support for obfuscated-openssh in PuTTY, please see the official PuTTY Wishlist page.

If you would like to annoy Mr. Hinky Dink, drop in and leave a comment at his UT99 Blog. Or, if you are so inclined, follow him on Twitter!

Source code

This is the source code for all of the PoTTY utilities, minus the required OpenSSL libraries. It is basicly a rip-off of PuTTY's source code with a few extra files.

Windows source code (VCE 2008 Only!)

Source code for Windows
Source: MD5SUM: 9663421427ecdf0ca370775b7026067d

Other Obfuscated-OpenSSH Options for Windows

Bruce Leidl's obfuscated-openssh compiles cleanly under Cygwin v1.7.1. However, you should modify the source code according to these instructions to avoid issues with back-tunneling RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) in Windows. Note that PuTTY/PoTTY also suffers from this issue, but a similar fix remains elusive (for me at least). If you find one, let me know!


Please see Mr. Hinky Dink's disclaimer.